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The Ashihara Karate Dojo Kun

  1. We will always be courteous.
  2. We will make the best of our endeavours.
  3. We will continue to improve our spirit and technique.
  4. We will maintain a challenging spirit.
  5. We will reflect on ourselves today, and strive to improve ourselves for tomorrow.
  6. We will pursue karate as a means to know the way of life itself.

Goju Ryu Kuyu-Kai is governed by the following eight principles:

  •   Character
  •   Respect
  •   Prudence
  •   Patience
  •   Self-Control
  •   Courtesy
  •   Courage
  •   Perseverance

The Shotokan Dojo Kun

  • Hitotsu! - Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto - To strive for perfection of character
  • Hitotsu! - Makoto no Michi o Mamoru Koto - To defend the path of truth
  • Hitotsu! - Doryoku no Seishin o Yashinau Koto - To foster the spirit of effort
  • Hitotsu! - Reigi o Omonzuru Koto - To honour the principles of etiquette
  • Hitotsu! - Kekki no Yu o Imashimuru Koto - To guard against impetuous courage. Refrain from violent behaviour


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